Tre curiosità sul processo di tostatura

Three curiosities about the roasting process

Roasting is undoubtedly among the most important phases of the coffee production process.

In fact, it is thanks to it that the beans are able to develop all the flavors and aromas most sought after by lovers of the drink.
It itself, in turn, is characterized by phases and characteristics that contribute to making coffee a true "Black Gold".
Let's discover some curiosities together:

  • Roasting or roasting?
Both terms are correct and indicate in the same way the process of roasting the bean, subjected to high temperatures, until reaching the best level for grinding.
The terms derive from the Latin torrefacere which means: "to dry".
  • The first CRACK
It is a significant roasting event. It is a crackling or popping sound similar to the popping of popcorn generated by the pressure of the water which, once it becomes steam, presses on the internal walls of the grain, escaping through small cracks near the central groove. This is the phase that contributes most to the development of the aroma.
  • Up to 1000 flavors
Flavors are aromatic compounds that develop by starting the coffee roasting process.
It is possible to develop more than 800 aromatic compounds present in this surprising raw material which define its taste and aroma.
By selecting the desired type of roasting, it is possible to influence the incidence of these aromatic compounds, determining the final result in the cup!

Torrefazione Piacentini uses modern tools for the roasting process.
In our laboratory there are two roasting machines with probes and a computerized system that helps detect the right temperature throughout the roasting phase.
This helps us to have as many evaluation parameters as possible to create the best coffee.

The choice of the right parameters and total roasting time, however , ALWAYS and ONLY takes place MANUALLY.
This is because we firmly believe that nothing can replace the eye and experience of our roasters.

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