Caffè in grani Piacentini

From tradition to the cup, the history of our product

Caffè Piacentini has been operating for years in the sector of production and distribution of excellent quality coffee, at a truly unique price.
Our goal is to achieve excellence in manufacturing. For this reason, since 1959 , our family has stood out in the roasting market with an experience that has been handed down for generations.

Our blends arise from family tradition which, when thinking about coffee, imagined it to be strong in aroma and body.
Today, through the continuous selection of fine coffees, the beans now arrive from all over the world : South America, Asia, Africa: (Guatemala, Peru, CostaRica, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia..)

Once the product arrives in our roastery raw and customs cleared in bags, it is subjected to the selection process, hand-roasted for single origin, tasted , mixed and finally packaged for sale.

It is from this process, which has as its primary objective to provide the customer with the best coffee in line with his tastes and context while preserving its quality , that our coffee is born

Visit the shop, discover our vast range of products and let yourself be delighted by the unmistakable aroma of Caffè Piacentini.

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