Aspettando la befana, scopri come preparare il Kopi Joss

While waiting for the Epiphany, find out how to prepare Kopi Joss

In a few days the Befana will arrive, with which the holidays will end and we will soon return to everyday life.

Many of us will certainly take advantage of this last day of relaxation, to spend time with our loved ones, opening the Befana stocking together.

Who knows if there will only be sweets, or also some coal?

If so, don't worry... you can try preparing the "Caffè della Befana".

Its original name is Kopi Joss , born in the sixties and become a specialty of Yogyakarta.
It is an authentic, delicious, incredibly aromatic and truly tasty drink.

Curious to find out how to prepare it? Here are the ingredients you will need:

1 mocha + coffee powder to taste
Granulated sugar (about 1 level spoon);
1 cube of dark chocolate;
1 cube of Befana charcoal;
1 pinch of cinnamon;
1 pinch of black pepper;
2 rosemary leaves;
1 teaspoon of bitter cocoa.

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