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A modo mio

100PCS compatible boxes My way

100PCS compatible boxes My way

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A MODO MIO compatible capsules

VALMONTONE: Our blend since 1959 is the typically Italian creamy and sweet espresso with the unmistakable aroma of chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. INTENSITY: 8

BRAZIL: At the base of all the high level blends is the Brazilian Santos, medium acidity, the pantostato, hazelnut and fruit flavors stand out above all. INTENSITY: 7

CUBA: The dark chocolate fills the palate after the first sip, immediately afterwards we find the strong toasted tobacco and followed by the sweetness and aroma of the rum. A unique taste INTENSITY: 7.5

COSTARICA: Candied orange is the dominant flavor of this very fruity and fragrant arabica, sugary on the palate and has a sweet acidity that does not disturb but gives it great personality INTENSITY:7

ETNA: Intense and decisive like the Volcano from which it takes its name, a proud full-bodied coffee with a strong aftertaste that remains long on the palate. INTENSITY: 9

SUPER DEKA: Water decaffeinated contains less than 0.001% caffeine





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